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Denise Masino is the top female bodybuilding porn star entertainer in the world. Professional athlete, business woman, adult entertainer and fitness activist. Get to know her many sides and why she is the queen of women's bodybuilding and muscle porn.

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Back to School Video Lesson!

Substitute Teachers are the best when they let you do what you want, but when I come into the classroom you have to learn what I want to teach you and learn it well!

TAGS: Roleplaying, domination, bulging panty, clit measuring, big nipples, domination

Exclusive XXX HD Female Muscle Porn Videos - Bold, Beautiful and Strong. I'm famous for my Sexy Muscle, Big Nipples and my Big Clit. Watch me Flex, Pump and play with my Naked Muscle. Every minute of muscle flexing, big clit pumping, and girl on girl video I have ever shot is posted exclusively here for my members.

Star Legs

I know what a little leg slave you are. You drool over my ass, my strong thighs, my curvy calves and my Goddess feet.

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Goddess Boots

TAGS: role playing, domination, humiliation, muscle flexing, big nipples, thigh highs

Crushed Orange

Get your fresh squeezed juice right here. I'm using my muscles to get you juiced up so we can crush every week together!

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My Cam Workout

I was all pumped up and ready to go when the archive stopped recording so I decided to go for round two so that I could share the fun with you. Enjoy the pump - it's good for you!

TAGS: Workout, live cam, muscle flexing, toy, big nipples

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As a member you get to rate my video and photo posts so that I know what turns you on the most. I want to know what gets you excited and I'm always taking special requests.As an athlete I tap into the animal side of who I am, and my body and mind need lots of stimulation. Everything is 100% Exclusive and 100% Private.


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